Missing Items from Abandoned Home

Laurens Polics Department officers responded to a Miliken St. residence at 6pm tuesday in reference to missing items from an abandoned home. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim. He was at the residence with former renters. Prior to this incident on May 20th a call came into Laurens Base in reference to one of the renters selling all the items inside the residence that belonged to both renters. At that time one renter was in jail for a cdv where she assaulted the other renter. Around the end of May, while on routine patrol, an officer observed that all the doors were wide open at the residence. The officer then spoke with one of the renter’s mother, whose name was on the rental agreement and she stated that the male had moved everything out, the female was in jail, they were 4 months behind on rent, the home owner was taking the property back and that no one lived at the home anymore. The officer searched the residence for trespassers and found nearly nothing left there and no power or water. Back to yesterday…The victim called and stated his refrigerator and stove were missing. He also stated that he owned the washer and drier that were in the home. The renter’s mother stated she owned the washer and drier and the renter said she sold the washer. The officer advised that the washer and drier would have to be argued over in civil court. The officer spoke with some kids in the neighborhood who stated they saw a black make enter the residence late last night but did not see him leave with any items. It was unclear to the officer who took the items. The victim stated he was going to sue the renters in civil court for damages to the home.