Sunset Park Burglary

At 1:30 yesterday afternoon, Laurens Police Department officer Bailes responded to a SunsetPark residence about a burglary. The officer spoke with the complaintant who stated that she had last been at this residence on the previous day and had left the residence secured around 6pm. She stated that her son had arrived at the residence around 130pm and observed that someone had removed the window screen from a front window and the window was pushed up. No one entered the residence at that point and LPD was called. The officer cleared the residence then inquired as to who would have the most knowledge concerning anything missing. The victim stated her son would know. The officer then escorted the son through the residence in order to inform the officer of missing or moved items. several drawers had been left partially open but nothing removed from them. Two items near the point of entry had been moved and would be used for latent print examination. Nothing appeared to have been removed from the residence. The investigation continues