Alleged Weed Dealers Arrested

Lt. Young and Cpt. Richardson were patrolling on Tuesday around 3:45pm and were approached by a neighborhood resident and alerted to suspicious activity on Stevens St. in Laurens. The neighbor stated there was suspicious activity at night. She also stated there were suspicious odors coming from the house. The hose was supposedly abandoned. The two suspects were staying at the house and remodeling it at the time. On patrol the officers saw the two subjects walking down the street. The officers ran their id’s and asked if there was anything illegal in the house. They stated no. When asked if the officers could do a walk through of the house they stated yes. Capt. Richardson walked through the house and saw in plain view a mason jar with marijuana in it. He also saw a red duffel bag which was unzipped and another bag containing marijuana. The subjects then refused to co-operate. A search warrant was obtained. 32.6oz of marijuana was found, six baggies, one grinder, a pistol and $540 cash.

Arrested and booked into the JohnsonDetentionCenter were:

Timothy James Osment, age 22 of 306 Glen Rose CircleIrmoSC. Warrants state he did possess marijuana with intent to distribute. This occurred on Stevens street in Laurens another warrant states He did, within one mile of a day care center and Ford school, a school park and playground distribute marijuana, a schedule I controlled substance. He is being held on $30k bond

Patrick Alexander Kendrick age 22 of the same address, 306 Glen Rose circle Irmo was also charged with possession and distribution. His warrants read the same and he is being held on $30k bond.