Meth Arrest on Site of Meth Lab

Lt. Higgenbotham and Dep. Sibley of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday to a call on Reedy Creek Rd. in LaurensCounty in reference to a complaint of an odor coming from a burn pile. Upon arrival the officers spoke to a subject standing on the porch. The Lieutenant asked him if another subject was at the home. Lt. Higgenbotham was familiar with the second subject and had responded to two other meth labs at this residence. The second subject came from around the side of the home and the lieutenant explained the reason for the deputies being there. The subject stated he had been cleaning up the home to make it livable again. The subject gave consent to search the home. Dep. Sibley found items in the master bedroom considered contraband. Lt. Higgenbotham found several items in a storage trailer commonly used in the manufacture of meth. After speaking to the subject he initially stated he found the items in the home and was afraid to transport them. Later in the conversation he admitted to manufacturing meth with another subject the night before. James Thompson, Age 39, of 967 Reedy Creek Rd, Fountain Inn was placed under arrest and booked into the Johnson Detention Center on Monday charged with distribution of methamphetamine. Warrant states that on June 16th Thompson did have in his possession items used in manufacturing of methamphetamine. Bond was denied and he remains in the JohnsonDetentionCenter.