Ordinances passed at City Council Meeting Tuesday

Tuesday night at the Laurens City Council Meeting there was no one in attendance at the public hearing that was held before the second reading vote on Ordinance 5-14-04, which is the 6,783,500.00 budget for the fiscal year ending June 30th 2015.

Ordinance 5-14-01 was approved on second reading, which allows the Municipal Revenue Fund to be used for the General Fund.

Ordinance 5-14-02 was also unanimously approved on second reading which will increase a road maintenance fee from 5 to 15 dollars per vehicle to be used to repair city owned roads.

A second reading for Ordinance 5-14-03 which provided for a city improvement fee was voted down by mutual agreement of council on second reading.

“We needed to clean up dilapidated properties, which we now see being done, but other expenses have come up and we must take this one off the table for now,” said Mayor Sharon Brownlee.

Ordinance 5-14-04 was also unanimously approved on second reading, which amends previous ordinance 5-14-05, which will allow municipal elections to be held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of odd numbered years.


City administrator Gary Coleman presented Ordinance 6-14-01, which was unanimously approved on first reading and authorizes the sale of a city owned property located at 150 Gray Street, 210 Jersey Street, 209 Jersey Street and Reed Street, for $75,000 each.

The property will be sold to the Upper Savannah Council of Government and Homes of Hope, inc. for the building of single family residences and then shall be made available as rental properties for low income families.