Clinton Shoplifting

Around 1:30 pm thursday, Clinton Department of Public Safety officers were dispatched to Freds Department Store in reference to a shoplifting incident that had just occurred. Officer Byars arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who stated the subject came to the register to return a $19.26 evolution cookware set. The store clerk asked for a receipt but the subject could not provide one. The clerk filled out a refund and exchange transaction ticket. The clerk asked the subject for identification. The subject provided a state id. After the subject left the store the manager reviewed the security tape and found the subject walked in empty handed, went to the back of the store, retrieved the cookware set, walked to the register and returned it. The officer reviewed the footage then went to the subjects residence. He read the subject her Miranda rights. The subject admitted she took the cookware set from the shelf and returned it.  A warrant will be issued and the subject is scheduled to turn herself in.