Water Balloon Attack Sounded Like Collision



At 10:16 last night Laurens City Police received a report of a possible collision on North Harper Street. They were told that the suspect vehicle had left the scene and was on Mill Rock Road at that time. Lt. Brewer was dispatched to GHS Laurens County Memorial on a report that four individuals were being treated for possible injuries. A man said he had been on North Harper when he heard a noise and saw water spray on the top of his car. He then began to follow the pickup which he had observed pass him, saying he thought the pickup had struck his car. He followed through the city and out of the City limits and stopped following the truck on Woodberry Road. As he had called dispatched about the incident they had advised him to allow law enforcement to handle the matter. Lt. Brewer located the suspect pickup and spoke with two 17-year-old Laurens males. They indicated they had observed the victim’s vehicle turning off North Harper onto Watts Avenue and they threw a water balloon at the car. They showed Brewer a pack of balloons from which they were throwing water balloons at cars. After checking the victim’s vehicle and finding no damage, the officer decided there was no evidence for a Malicious Damage charge.