Another Assault by Vehicle

Charges were pending on a 20-year-old Waterloo man following an incident late last night. Deputy Farrah Cook was dispatched to a Waterloo residence near the lake on a street off Todd Quarter Road at 11:51 pm and arrived at 3 minutes after midnight this morning. A man said that he had tried to break up a domestic altercation between his girlfriend’s son and the younger man’s girlfriend when the younger man entered his truck and sped toward him, making threats to kill him by ramming him into a tree. The truck struck the older man’s left leg, but medical treatment was declined. The younger man then reportedly backed the truck at a high rate of speed and drove down the road.  He had come back and picked up his girlfriend and left again in the truck, which is registered to his mother. The subject’s mother reportedly confirmed her boyfriend’s account of what happened, and expressed concern her son could be a danger to himself and others, noting he had acquired a gun from someone on the lake. Other deputies were advised to approach the suspect with caution.