Report on Museum Progress

Progress continues being made at the site of the new Laurens County Museum on the Laurens Square. Museum Board President Phil Adair updated the Laurens Rotary Club yesterday on the recent repair to the front of the Main Street building, at a cost of $80,000. Adair noted that water damage over the years, contributing to rot and termites, required even more repairs than had initially been expected.

During the tour, we asked about the recently completed repairs to all three floors on the front of the building…“…that stabilized the front, outside and inside, from the basement all the way to the roof.” Phil Adair said the Museum Board is now working to repair more of the building’s structure. “We’ll start from the front, working our way to the back. We’ve got to install a new set of stairs to the second floor and the basement in the rear, put in a new service door, remove the existing freight elevator and fix up the floor so people could actually get in and walk around inside safely.”

Adair told WLBG News that with donations for the museum coming in as they have, he anticipates having it completed and ready to open in another year. Meanwhile, they’re hoping to have space available in the museum in order to open it for some limited use for Squealin’ on the Square this October 3rd and 4th.

He also noted that the large Crawford Native American Artifact collection is now in Laurens in temporary storage, having been purchased from Dr. Crawford due to local people donating $100,000 to buy the collection, valued at over twice that amount.