Can Your Cell Phone Be Your Best Friend?

One Clinton man may have reason to be thankful for his cell phone this weekend.  Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Parker Street at 9:52 Saturday night on a report of an active domestic altercation. Officer Stephen Lawton arrived and separated a man and woman. The woman claimed the man had assaulted her, holding her down by her throat. The officer looked but did not see any physical manifestation of this. The man then said he had a video of the event on his cell phone, but he could not find it because the woman had thrown it. Officer Lawton checked the front yard and found the phone there. The man then pulled up the video which had the sound of the man asking the woman to stop throwing stuff and destroying stuff in his house. The video reportedly showed the woman attempting to put hands on the man, and him attempting to restrain her to protect himself. Lawton learned that the two had not lived together and did not have children in common. He then advised that if they couldn’t get along they needed to stay apart, lest someone get arrested.