Seemed to Work Once, but 2nd Led to Arrest

Laurens Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart at 4:33 Saturday afternoon and were advised there was a subject in the store who had come into the store and placed multiple items in bags, then left the store without paying for them. He then allegedly came back into the store and returned the items receiving a gift-card valued at $146.35. He reportedly took that to electronics and purchased an Alan Jackson CD and a stereo with a 2-year warranty plan, totaling $125.19. Officer Patrick Craven and a Wal-Mart Loss Prevention employee stopped the suspect as he was leaving the store. They reportedly found he had possession of an energy drink, a football jersey, Tide clothing detergent and CDs from ZZ Top and Kid Rock that he had not paid for. Meanwhile, Officer Craven notes that it was discovered the subject had conducted a similar incident of returning items he had left in the store that morning, reportedly receiving a gift card for $91.92 at 10:50 am Saturday. He had allegedly purchased items with that card valued at $61.31 and left the store. Xanax was allegedly found in his possession. At 4:58 Saturday afternoon Officer Craven arrested 50-year-old Arthur Ray Brewington of 5342 Highway 14, Gray Court and charged him with two counts of Shoplifting Enhanced, two counts of Obtaining Goods under False Pretenses and with Possession of Schedule IV Narcotic and Public Intoxication. During arraignment, cash or surety bonds on the multiple chargers were set totaling $66,620 for Arthur Ray Brewington.