Knife VS Post

smith anthony 0000008622(1)Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Flannel Drive outside Clinton at 12:24 yesterday afternoon on a report of a dispute between two men. A call came in that one man was chasing the other around the yard with a stick. Corporal Christy Johnson reported they found a 24-year-old Laurens area man sitting in his truck with a severe laceration to his arm. He reportedly indicated he had come to his father’s residence to remove a fuse from his father’s truck to prevent him from driving, based on his belief that his dad had been driving while intoxicated. Meanwhile, a next-door neighbor was at his father’s place helping him work on his lawn mower, and he reportedly came to the young Laurens man and during an argument told him he had to go home. His dad reportedly advised the neighbor that he would handle it, and for him to go home. The neighbor did go home, but allegedly came back with a knife and cut the neighbor’s son on the arm. The 24-year-old Laurens man reported he grabbed the nearest thing, a post that was lying in the yard, and, with the post, chased his father’s neighbor back to his house then broke a table that was on the neighbor’s back porch. The neighbor then stayed in his house until officers arrived, and the victim of the cutting stayed in his truck. Corporal Johnson then took the neighbor into custody. As She was escorting him to a patrol car, other officers were talking with the father and son about the incident, and the father allegedly grabbed a knife and attempted to charge the neighbor. The man’s 43-year-old father from Flannel Drive was then arrested on a Disorderly Conduct charge.

The Sheriff’s Office was holding 39-year-old Anthony Tyrone Smith of 107 Flannel Drive overnight, pending a charge of Aggravated Assault.