Man Held for Charges from Encounter with Repo Men

dorsey michael 0000091266(1)The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to New Prospect Church Road south of Laurens at 4 minutes after midnight this morning on a dispute regarding a vehicle being repossessed. One of the two Easley men with the tow truck told Deputy Farrah Cook that once they had secured the Chevy Blazer to the truck a man and woman came out of their house and confronted him and his assistant. Statements from the two victims indicated that the man from the residence reached into the tow truck and took the keys, then retrieved a wood table leg from the trunk of another vehicle in the yard and struck the hood of the tow truck, doing damage. He also allegedly used the table leg to demand the blazer be released, and one point allegedly holding the table leg against the face of one of the Easley men with the truck. Deputy Cook noted the man had red markings on his face that resembled the end of the wooden object. They reportedly got the truck keys back since that was required to release the Chevy Blazer. The woman from the house then drove off in the vehicle. At first she reportedly refused officer’s instructions to return the vehicle. Later, she had someone else drive her home. After being told she would be arrested for refusal to return the vehicle, she later reportedly escorted Lt. Marty Crain to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Michael Eugene Dorsey of 1255 New Prospect Church Road, Laurens was arrested and placed in the Johnson Detention Center, where he was being held pending charges being sought to charge him with Malicious Damage to the tow truck. An assault charge was also to be sought for his allegedly holding the table leg to the face of one of the tow truck men.