Too Much Poop

Laurens Police Lt. Heath Copeland was dispatched to a Chestnut Street neighborhood at 10:25 yesterday morning on a dispute involving dogs. The complainant said that his neighbor has several dogs. He said they poop all along his fence line and that the smell is horrible. Lt. Copeland then spoke with the neighbor, who said she does have several dogs at the residence including two she had just rescued from her x-husband. The Lt explained to her about the requirement to have all the dogs registered with the city, a requirement she indicated she was not aware of. Copeland also explained that although she couldn’t scoop up all the dogs’ mess she should try to get control of the odor.

The woman called a little while later and explained that her neighbor’s grandkids were throwing rocks into her yard and at her dogs. Lt. Copeland spoke with the neighbor who had complained about the dog poop’s smell about that and he said he would have a talk with his grandkids about that.

The officer provided his “neighbors should try to get along” talk during the interaction yesterday morning.