11-Year-Old’s Birthday Gift Goes to the Dogs







Logan Thomason is an 11-year-old who will soon be attending Laurens Middle School as a 6th grade student.  At her recent birthday party she made an unusual request of her guests.  She wanted dog food……and lots of it.

She told WLBG that she had plenty of toys and everything she needs but she knew the dogs at Laurens County Animal Control did not.  She asked guests to give her gifts that she could give those dogs.

Logan visited the shelter at Animal Control yesterday afternoon and brought with her well over 100 pounds of food for the animals.  Her Mom and two brothers assisted in unloading bag after bag of dog food.  Logan said at least she knew they wouldn’t hungry for a while.

Animal Control Officer Dale Henderson gratefully accepted the gifts and allowed Logan to hold a newly arrived pup who will be one of the recipients of Logan’s kindness.

Logan and family also got a tour of the shelter and met many of the dogs awaiting adoption there including Max, the WLBG Pet of the Week.

If you’ve been thinking today’s young folks only want video games, expensive shoes or the newest toy, take heart! There is one young Laurens area girl who didn’t ask for any of that.  She only wanted to help the abandoned dogs at the shelter.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are available for adoption at Animal Control.  More information is available with a call to 984-6812.  The shelter is located at the Laurens County Public Works facility at the intersection of Torrington Road and Mount Vernon Church Road near the Laurens County Airport.