Bike Rider Finds Wallet, Leads to Theft Discovery

Illegal entry into two vehicles was discovered by Clinton Public Safety yesterday morning as a result of a stolen wallet being observed on the street.  Officer Daniel Duckett was dispatched to the 300 block of West Main at 2:50 am when a Laurens man riding a bicycle said that as he was riding his bike into town and saw the wallet and contents scattered on the ground. Officer Duckett noted it appeared that someone had gone through the wallet then threw it on the ground. He contacted a West Main Street resident whose name appeared on papers in the wallet. On arrival he found two cars with doors unlocked that appeared to have been gone through. The husband and wife then confirmed that both their vehicles had been entered without their permission. Sgt. Wicker assisted Officer Duckett in processing the scene. A handful of change and a $2 bill were reported missing.