Break-in before 3:00 AM on North Harper

At 4 minutes after 3 o’clock this morning Laurens Police “Bravo Shift” responded “code 3” to a burglary at the Cito at 801 North Harper. Officer Simmons arrived and discovered a front window was broken out. Sgt. Gainey joined him at the scene and they entered the store, then determined that no one was still inside. Sgt. Gainey secured the crime scene with tape. Once the owner arrived they reviewed video and observed two young males approach from the rear of the store. One broke the window with a brick and both entered. One of the males went behind the counter and began filling a book bag with Newport cigarettes and blunt wrappers. The other went behind the register and put several snack cakes he’d taken from the shelf into the book bag. The two then went to the drinks and grabbed several Mountain Dews then they fled on foot. In addition to the video, officers were able to get a still shot of one of the subject’s face. The subjects were described as 17 to 28 years old.