Was He Really Interested in Property Lines?

Laurens County Deputy Todd Alexander responded to a residence on Frontage Road, Fountain Inn at 9:35 yesterday morning to investigate a report that jewelry valued at $11,000 has been stolen from the house. An elderly woman said that a man between 25 and 35-years-old had been at her house Monday between 10 am and noon wanting to know if she had seen the survey crew that was supposed to be surveying the property last Thursday. He reportedly asked the question as he was folding a map. She told the man she had not seen anyone surveying the property. She also told him who she rented from and who owned the adjacent property. She told Deputy Alexander that she walked around behind the house to show the man where the property line was. At one point she told him she needed to go get her oxygen, and that he then walked to his car and left, turning left out of her driveway. Back inside, when she was in her bedroom she discovered her jewelry box was gone. She listed the various rings and necklaces it contained, noting the total value at $11,000. The man was described as a white male 25-35 years-old who had light brown hair, green eyes, and was “clean cut,” 6 feet tall and weighed about 190 pounds. He was reportedly wearing nice blue jeans and a blue golf polo with no writing on the shirt. The vehicle was described as a mid-sized light blue car, possibly a Honda Accord. The woman’s daughter said that they had tried to locate the jewelry by calling pawn shops and also by looking around the house, but had no success.