Baseball Bat is Weapon

Laurens Police Officer Patrick Craven was dispatched to the Laurens County Memorial Hospital at 10:12 Saturday night on a report of an assault that had occurred Friday on Spring Street. A man said he had been in a car with another man Friday when the other man decided to go to a residence on Spring Street. He said he was introduced to several people which he only knew by their first name. He said the man who took him there and another left the apartment. When they returned four hours later they took everyone except him into a bedroom. Later, his ride came out and invited him outside to smoke a cigarette. When he declined the man went out by himself, leaving the victim in the living room. Then another man came out and began demanding he give him everything. The man reportedly struck the victim with a baseball bat, which the victim blocked with his arm, then struck again at his head. The victim reportedly had a broken bone in his arm.