Regrets from Internet Sex Video

A Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to a Southern Laurens County location at 6:45 Friday morning and met with a woman who said she had fallen and that there was something that had happened sexually. On arrival, Deputy Paterson made contact with a Greenwood woman who was laying on the kitchen floor on the Laurens County residence and said that she had walked out of the home and had fallen outside and injured her hip and elbow. She said she was alone when she fell. The deputy noted that there were four cans of Loko on the kitchen counter and the woman said they were hers. The officer then made contact with a man who said the woman had come to his home about 10:30 Thursday night and they had both been drinking. He said they had consensual sex and that he went to bed around 2 am. He said when he woke up in the morning he found the woman on the floor of the kitchen and she complained she injured herself when she fell. EMS arrived and moved her to the ambulance for treatment. There, she reportedly told the deputy that the man had said she could make some money if she would come to his home and have video-recorded sex to be up-loaded to the internet. She said she had agreed to this and that after they had sex and it was recorded she felt ashamed for doing it and wanted to erase the recording. She stated she exited the home with the lap top the video was stored on and that while she was outside she tripped and fell, injuring herself. Pictures were taken – of the scene, that is. No charges were served.