New Operating System for Clinton City Government

The Clinton Mayor and City Council last night received an update on the implementation of a new computer system to eventually handle virtually all of the city’s business. The MUNIS Enterprise Resource Planning system is designed for local governments.  Phil Hasty, Clinton’s Information Technology Officer, along with Renee Morrow, Chief Financial Officer and Joey Meadors, Director of Administrative Services briefed council on the three-phase transition to the MUNIS system.

Phase 1 began last month on July 1st and applies to financial management.  Council learned that one advantage is the speeding up the process of ordering supplies or equipment.  With the old way of making purchases a city employee made a request for supplies then a supervisor would approve the request and fill out a form for the department head.  The form would then make its way to the appropriate decision maker and eventually a purchase order would be issued. With MUNIS, the supervisor now enters the request and the system walks the request through the various steps, electronically notifying each person necessary for the decision.  What once took several days and sometimes up to two weeks can now be completed in as little as one working day.

MUNIS also archives all invoices and records of payment so that someone researching a purchase doesn’t just see a date when payment was made.  Instead, they can see the entire process starting with the initial request, then each step in the process for approval, the purchase order, the vendor’s actual invoice and the copy of the check making payment.

Phase 2 of MUNIS will be the transition of Clinton’s payroll function to the new system.  That will begin January 1st. The last objective, Phase 3, will be to use MUNIS for Clinton’s utility billing.  That is scheduled to go live in October of 2015.