‘Stolen’ Car Recovered from Crushing Site

Laurens Police were dispatched at 7:02 last evening to investigate a vehicle having been stolen. A Laurens woman said that her green Toyota Camry had broken down on Fleming Street Monday night and she called a friend to come pick it up and work on it. Unable to reach this friend by phone last night, police went to the man’s house to speak with him. Officers Shipman and Woody learned that a towing company had picked up the vehicle. They learned the towing company name and spoke with the tow truck operator and were told of a man calling to have the car picked up and towed to an Enoree location to be crushed. Police were given a name the man identified himself as, which was not the name of the friend who had been asked to pick up the car and repair it. The tow truck owner called his driver and learned he was at Enoree with the vehicle to be crushed. When the truck driver advised the subject at the scene that the car had been stolen, that subject reportedly got into his vehicle and fled. Meanwhile, the stolen Toyota was returned to its owner. She reportedly didn’t recognize the name of the man who called to have her car towed, and said she wanted to prosecute him for the theft of her car. The vehicle was reportedly valued at $2,000.