Son Reports Hearing Mom Assaulted

Laurens County Deputy Charles Nations was dispatched to Sparrow Road, Clinton at 10:13 last night after a juvenile called to report he could her his mother being hit by her boyfriend,. While still en route an additional call from the complainant said he could still hear his mother being assaulted and the officer activated lights and siren. Dispatch then advised the deputy that the alleged assailant had left the scene in a gold Ford Ranger, It was suspected he was headed towards Whitmire. The woman indicated she and the boyfriend had been going through difficult times and had separated. She had called for him to come over last evening but at one point they had a disagreement. She reported she had left on an OTV, riding it into a field to get away from the boyfriend. He reportedly located her on the OTV behind the residence. She said he struck her in the head with a flashlight. The deputy could not confirm finding a knot in the woman’s thick hair. Meanwhile, he was to see a magistrate to determine if charges are in order.