1 of 4 in Wrecked Car Now Charged

One of four men taken to hospital following an early morning wreck on Clinton’s Gary Street back on April 4th has now been charged with causing the wreck as a passenger. Clinton Public Safety yesterday charged the man with causing a wreck on Gary Street that resulted in great bodily harm to three other men early this spring. 24-year-old Christopher Kevin “Chris” Boggs of 518 Douglas Road, Gray Court was charged with three counts, Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature.

Public Safety Officer Doug Richardson states that on April 4th, 2014, while a passenger in a 2001 Ford Expedition on Gary Street, Boggs grabbed and snatched the steering wheel away from the driver, while the vehicle was in motion, causing the vehicle to overturn. This willful, intentional act caused great bodily injury to three male victims.

Bonds were set on the three charges totaling $30,000. Christopher Boggs was transferred to the Johnson Detention Center, where he remained this morning.