20 Treated in July, More this Tuesday

Twenty Laurens County pets were spayed and/or neutered last month in a cooperative effort of the Laurens County Humane Society with Animal Allies of Spartanburg. The program hosts up to two clinics a month. The Humane Society announced that the clinics for August will be held on Tuesdays, August 12th and 26th.

An Animal Allies van will be at the Clinton Animal Hospital in Clinton at 6:45 AM on these dates to pick up animals to be spayed or neutered and transport them to Spartanburg where a team of veterinarians will perform the procedures.  The van will return with the animals to Clinton Animal Hospital at 5:00 PM the same day.

All animals must have required vaccinations.  Animal Allies will administer these for $13 if proof of such shots is not available. The cost of the spay/neutering per animal varies for dogs and cats depending on size.

There is no extra fee for an animal that is in heat or pregnant. Please note: cash is the only payment accepted.

Appointments are NECESSARY (pets without appointments cannot be taken) and may be made by calling the Humane Society at 984-6484.  Speaking clearly, leave your name and daytime telephone number, give the number of cats and dogs you wish to have spayed or neutered, and a convenient time to call you back.  A humane society volunteer will call you with more details and will give you the toll-free number to call Animal Allies to make a definite appointment. The Humane Society reminds residents not to call the Clinton Animal Hospital, but, rather, the Humane Society at 864-984-6484.