Teen Center Turns Twenty

The Straight Street Youth Ministry of Laurens celebrated twenty years of service to the youth of the community yesterday afternoon. Rick Ouimet, a youth minister who founded the first Straight Street in Lynchburg, Virginia, was also down and spoke with those attending yesterday’s celebration. He spoke from the heart about working with youth, and noted that the Laurens Straight Street was the 3rd in the nation. Others now exist across the country.

Wayne French is the Director of Straight Street. He and his wife Karen spoke of the rewards in working with the youth of the community. Also on hand were King Dixon and other members of the Straight Street Board of Directors.

Straight Street co-founders Dickie and Linda Martin were also on hand. They continue serving even after twenty years. An unexpected surprise to many was the presence of the other Laurens couple who were co-founders. David and Judy Humphries arrived back in South Carolina in the wee hours of Sunday morning, after a 39-hour trip home from Western Africa, where they serve in the mission field.

When WLBG News asked Co-Founder Dickie Martin about the support the community is giving Straight Street, he noted the importance of residents volunteering to help on Friday and Saturday nights. “I think the support in the community is great. We wouldn’t have been here twenty years if it hadn’t been. The caliber of people that have been through, the volunteers…the lifeblood of Straight Street in the volunteers.”

Straight Street frequently has over 100 youth, 13 to 19, at the Downtown center on Friday and Saturday nights.


Below: David Humphries talks with Rick Ouimet at the Straight Street Celebration

Humphries & Ouimet