Drug Possession at Safety Checkpoint

Saturday around 1:00 am, Lt. Young and other deputies were conducting a safety checkpoint at I 385 and Hwy 14. A subject was coming down Highway 14 and turned into a driveway to avoid the checkpoint. Lt. Young, Deputy Summers and Capt. Richardson got in their vehicles and drove to where the subject tried to turn around. The responding Officer approached the passenger side. Deputy Summers asked for the subject’s drivers license. She stated it was suspended. After a run through dispatch the license did comeback suspended. The subject’s license had been suspended 3 times in the last 5 years. The subject was charged with driving under suspension. Capt. Richardson then saw needles in the floorboard, searched the vehicle and found multiple syringes and table spoons with residue in them from the subjects purse that was in the vehicle. Also, a plastic bottle with 2 and1/2 Hydrocodone pills and another bottle with 2 Oxycodone pills were found. Warrants were obtained and the vehicle was towed.

54 year old Margaret Kay Christie of 51 Taurus Drive Gray Court was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Saturday morning charged with 2 counts of possession of a schedule 1 controlled substance and 1 count of driving under suspension. She remains there as of this posting.