Laceration from CDV

Monday at 10:30 am Clinton Department of Public Safety Officer Reid was dispatched to the Laurens County Memorial Hospital to meet with a victim in reference to a suspicious laceration on her neck. Upon arrival the victim stated that she told hospital staff she had fallen over a broom but that story was not the truth and that injuries occurred when she began arguing with her husband. She thought he had taken money and he denied taking it. She said he then began throwing items at her and one item went through the window of the residence. She said he then pushed her against a wall causing visible marks on her back and then grabbed a broom with a jagged edged top where the plastic had fallen off. He struck her with this causing the laceration. The nurse stated it required 9 stitches. The husband then told her to leave. She went to a friend’s house who brought her to the emergency room for treatment. She said they had separated but she had attempted to reconcile but no longer wanted to reconcile but did want to be present for a bond hearing.  WLBG News will follow up with booking and Bond information on the subject, who is now in custody.