Possible Rape and Video Without Consent

At 1:00 pm Monday, Deputy McMahan spoke with a victim at the Sheriff’s Office in reference to a possible rape that took place at a Laurens County residence around the 4th or 5th of July. The victim stated she was at a residence with two males. She said she had been drinking and had consented to have sex with both of them. She said she woke up around 3am and there were several other people there she didn’t know but one of the men did. She stated the next day she heard about a video that was made. She had not seen the video but heard it was a sex video with her in it. She said she heard all the guys there, about 14 to 16 people, had sex with her. She stated she did not remember any of this happening. She said she was having some health issues and went to the doctor on July 31st and learned she had a bacterial infection contracted from sexual intercourse. The victim said she wanted to press charges. The incident information will go to investigations for further review.