County Council discusses Lake Greenwood & New Industrial Park

Laurens County Council heard from Greenwood County Planning Director Phil Linder Tuesday night with a briefing on a proposed master plan for Lake Greenwood.

Linder told council that any local legislation or other proposals that would affect the use of property located in our Laurens County must be considered and approved by Laurens County Council, and should be briefed on  details of any planning efforts prior to implementation.

Council was presented with the findings of the County Council Committee on Administration and Finance regarding their meeting on a new multi county industrial park agreement and formulas to be used in Phase 2 for the Owings Park.

The committee recommended to council that the distribution of the fee in lieu of tax revenue, which amounts to $200,000, be 99% to Laurens County and 1% to Greenville County.

Council debated the percentage going to Greenville County School District, and all but Councilman Ted Nash voted against it.

Nash complained that some students in the county attend the Greenville School District, but rest of council did not feel the funding for them was necessary.

After considering this recommendation, council debated the issue and voted to disperse 90% of the money to the general fund and 10% to the County Reinvestment Fund, with Nash being the only dissenting vote.

During the public comment time at last night’s meeting, a resident alleged that his wife who is a county EMS employee has been harassed by the Hayes Ambulance Company.

He told council his wife has filed a complaint with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department and asked council to look into the matter.

County Administrator Ernie Segars said that they were aware of problems like this and will be pursuing the matter.