County Council Passes Scholarship Program

At Tuesday night’s monthly meeting of Laurens County Council, Council approved a document to implement a scholarship program at Piedmont Technical College, funded by the county, which was approved in June.

Council approved County Ordinance #768 at their June 24th meeting, which originally allowed a one-mill tax levy for the support of certain institutions of higher learning in the county with Piedmont Tech receiving 90% of the funds generated by the levy and USC Union at Laurens 10%.

Before the final vote, however, Councilman David Pitts offered an amended motion that would allocate the first 50,000 collected through the levy to the “life Scholarship” program recently presented to council that would provide funding assistance to Laurens County students attending Piedmont Tech.

Councilwoman Diane Anderson, and Council Chairman Jim Coleman voted against the ordinance, and last night again voted against its implementation.

In other voting action, council unanimously approved a request by Public Works Director, Scott Holland for a special tax district for the Pinecrest Subdivision, for repairs to a subdivision road name Whispering Way, at an estimated cost of $20,000.

Another request by Holland was also approved which accepts Owings Park Boulevard into the county system for maintenance.