Restaurant Employee Threatened

Tuesday just before 6pm, Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a South Broad Street restaurant in reference to a threat. Upon arrival, an employee claimed that a male customer with unknown name, around 40-50 years old with a burgundy 2 door truck with wooden accents threatened her while at work. She said she greeted the customer and received his order and began making a sandwich. She said while making the sandwich the customer got an attitude and started telling her she put too much mustard on his sandwich. The victim stated she removed the mustard from the sandwich and the male customer said he could say anything he wanted to her. She further started that the customer ate and stared at her while smiling as he ate his sandwich. She said that as he reached for the door to leave he asked her what she had to say and she said nothing to him. She said that upon no response from her he began pointing his finger at her while saying that he had something for her. She said she then told the customer to leave.