Woman Accused of Assaulting an Officer

Laurens City Police Officer Logan Kanipe was patrolling the North Harper area at 13 minutes after midnight Sunday morning when he observed a blue Buick pull out of the Magnolia Inn then make a left-hand turn onto Fleming Street without signaling the turn. He made a traffic stop at Mill Street and was concerned about activity in the rear seat of the car, which had 5 occupants. The driver didn’t have his license on him, but gave a license number. While seeking to verify that, backup arrived and others in the car were asked for their identity. When a woman in the back seat was asked to roll down her window to talk, she reportedly replied “Why the *%$@! do I gotta roll the window down?” When Office Simmons replied “because I need to talk with you and I asked you to” she allegedly threw the door open, almost hitting Officer Simmons, then allegedly kicked at officers, striking Officer Kanpie on his legs. As officers took measures to bring her under control, her son reportedly made aggressive moves from the back seat, but when an officer pulled and gun and told him to stay put, he complied.

Police issued a citation to the driver of the car charging him with Failure to signal and he was released. The female passenger was transported to the Johnson Detention Center. 31-year-old Tiffany Michelle Neely of Arkmain Street, Spartanburg and/or Hunter’s Court, Laurens was charged with Interfering with Police, Resisting Arrest with Assault on a Police Officer and Public Disorderly Conduct.