Byrd & Long to Go “Over the Edge”

A big gift was announced yesterday for the Laurens County Cancer Association. The Laurens County Health Care Foundation announced yesterday that an anonymous $10,000 donation has been received toward the $20,000 goal set for an October 4th event. That’s when Robert Byrd of Enoree and Janice Long of Clinton are to go “over the edge” and rappel down the 15-story Bank of America building in Downtown Greenville. This event is being conducted in loving memory of Marion Reeder of Laurens, one of the organizing board members of the Laurens County Cancer Association, who died recently. Robert and Janice are to go over-the-edge of the 15-story, 228 foot building October 4th. Additional donations toward the cause can be made online at:

Robert Byrd was our guest this morning on the Morning News Magazine talking about his participation in going “over the edge” of the bank building October 4th.