City Approves Marketing, Considers Landscaping

Ideas for improvement and growth for the city were discussed at last night’s Laurens City Council meeting. Main Street Laurens Director Jonathan Irick proposed a branding development and marketing strategy for the city from Arnett Muldrew & Associates of Greenville. That company worked with the city on their 1st marketing project 14 years ago. Irick told council that the city can build a market base by providing retailers with many new ways to promote their own community. Mayor Sharon Brownlee said “As soon as I heard about this, I felt it is the perfect time, we already have hired Retail Strategies to attract new businesses to the city, and they said we were past due for branding.” City Council agreed and unanimously voted to hire the company using hospitality funds. A three-day visit by the newly hired company is tentatively scheduled for the last week in October.

While in town the company will visit with Main Street Laurens, Laurens City Council, youth representatives, and other city organizations.

Representatives of the company will take one day to visit the town on their own, take pictures, and look for ideas to show what makes Laurens unique and marketable.

In other improvement efforts, City Administrator Gary Coleman presented recommendations from architect Randy Wilson on how to improve the vacant lot at 133 East Main Street, where a dangerous building was demolished in June. One sketch showed Leyland Cypress Trees being planted to cover the unsightly pipes and materials now showing on the newly exposed back of buildings. A white arbor, and a pad for picnic tables and umbrellas was also shown on the sketch, but council wants public input on the use of the property.

Mayor Brownlee announced that there will be a public meeting next Friday at 10 am to hear any suggestions residents may have on what to do with the property.