Good Start for District 56 School Year

A strong A – That’s how Superintendent Dr. David O’Shields characterized the start of the 2014/2015 school year for School District 56. Speaking at the August School Board meeting, O’shields said the only reason he didn’t use A+ was because that wouldn’t leave room for improvement for next year. He credited district maintenance staff with quick response to resolve some air conditioner problems at the start of school.

As of last Friday, the 5th day of the new school year, the population of Laurens County School District 56 was 2,999 students, an increase of 66 students from the same day the past two years. Dr. O’Shields said it’s a case of good news/bad news. The good news is that growth is always good and will eventually have positive ramifications for the district. The bad news is that class sizes have crept up to near 30 students in some kindergarten classes and fourth grade classes.  He told the Board that the administration would closely monitor that situation and recommend adjustments if needed.