Over 100 Dogs Seized At Wattsville Home

How many dogs is enough?
Lots of people have a dog.  Some people have two or maybe even three.  Occasionally, you may find someone that has four or five.  But at one Wattsville area home there were more than that.  Lots more.
Laurens County Animal Control responded Tuesday morning to a home on Townsend Street in Wattsville based on information received from an anonymous call Monday. There they found dozens of dogs in the back yard.  More than forty.  Then they discovered over seventy dogs inside the small house.
The total?……….116 dogs.  Most of the dogs are of the small variety:  Pekingese, Shih Tzu (shi ZOO) and Chihuahua.
The owner did voluntarily surrender the dogs to Animal Control and they’re available for adoption immediately.  In fact, as of this writing some have already been spoken for and some have been taken to animal rescue groups in the Upstate.
Robert Motte with Laurens County Animal Control stated that when they got the call about these dogs they had only three open pens at Animal Control’s shelter at the corner of Torrington Road and Mount Vernon Church Road.  Taking in this number of dogs means that dogs already at the shelter must be moved to make room for these new additions.  Only, there’s no where to move the dogs to.  This influx may mean that a significant number of dogs will have to be euthanized.
 If you’re interesed in adopting please call Animal Control at 984-6812.  But please……….nobody ask to adopt all 116 of them.
Reported by Randy Stevens, WLBG News