Didn’t the Landlord Warn Him About This!!?

Laurens Police were dispatched to Miller Street at 11:00 last night on a report of a domestic assault. A woman reportedly told Officer Logan Kanipe that she and her x-spouse were at his mother’s house and he was drinking. She said when they returned to their house her x-spouse began cursing and yelling at her about their landlord telling him that he would be evicted if he continued to cause problems. During an argument he allegedly grabbed her by the throat with both hands and began strangling her. She indicated she was able to fight him off and he left. A search of the area did not locate the man during the initial investigation last night. Officer Kanipe noted that since the woman and her “x-spouse” live together and have a child in common, a warrant for Criminal Domestic Violence would be sought to charge the man in connection with the alleged assault.