Fire at Bailey Manor

Just before 4:00 Wednesday afternoon, a car drove through the front entrance of Bailey Manor in Clinton. Public Safety officers responded and a fireman tried to remove the driver of the vehicle from the car.

photo (3)According to on scene reports, the driver was resisting help in being removed. The car then exploded, setting the main lobby of Bailey Manor on fire. The driver was rescued from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. The firemen that removed the driver were not hurt in the explosion. The fire was put out quickly as trucks were on scene and prepared but smoke filled the building. All residents were evacuated and placed in either National Health Care Clinton or The Westminster Presbyterian Church. As of this writing, all residents and staff are accounted for with no major injuries. Some people on scene are being treated for smoke inhalation.

photo (2)Jacobs Highway (Hwy. 56)  in front of Bailey Manor is currently closed off with traffic being re-routed coming from town onto the Ring Rd. and onto side streets coming into town.  More information to follow on WLBG News and at WLBG.COM.