Payton Charged with Driving Toward Victim

A resident of Bailey Manor has been charged with attempting to kill the Administrator of the residential care facility. 84-year-old Alton Payton of 300 Jacobs Highway, Clinton was served yesterday with warrants charging him with Attempted Murder and Malicious Damage. The warrants state that Payton drove his vehicle into the front of Bailey Manor with intent to harm the victim and others. An Officer states that Bailey Manor Manager Rita Stanley was standing in the doorway motioning for Mr. Payton to stop when he accelerated his vehicle in her direction, causing her to have to jump to safety and placing her in fear for her life. The warrants state that the act was intentional, and caused over $10,000 in damage to the facility.

During arraignment yesterday bond was denied on the Attempted Murder charge. A $10,000 bond was set on the Malicious Damage warrant. 84-year-old Alton Payton remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.