Do You Believe In Magic?



His name is Magic. That’s not a name I made up. That’s been his name for all three years of his life. But, his life has changed a lot lately.
Humans when a a relationship comes unglued, can do some odd things. This time, Magic was the victim. Dad was working out of town. Mom was home with Magic. Only, then Mom left.
We think she came back… least a time or two to give him some food but he was looking pretty poorly when neighbors called Laurens County Animal Control.
Magic is a good boy. He’s been well trained. He will sit and stay and you can tell he wants to please you.l He just needs a human that won’t leave him. He needs a home and a family to bond with. He’s a loving dog. His body language even in this photo is saying “Please let me love you”.
Do you need a bit of Magic in your life? Call Animal Control. The number directly to the shelter is (864)682-4935.
And please SHARE Magic’s picture. Someone out there may want to love him. He sure wants to love right back.