Are You Pinky’s Miracle?


UPDATE: Hats off to Clinton Animal Hospital. They took this little guy in to provide his care. They’ve named him Kaiser. If you would like to help with the considerable expense of his surgery and care please call 864-833-2487.
UPDATE 2: There has been an arrest in this case.




In Laurens County SC we have a lot of good people. They’d give you the shirt off their back. They’ll happily go out of their way to help someone or even a little dog in need. But we also have a few humans who are capable of this.

I’m gonna call him Pinky. He was found this morning in a dumpster near Laurens Terrace Apartments…..tied up in a plastic bag……and tossed into a dumpster. He’s a little pit puppy and has a badly broken rear leg.

Forget displaying anger toward the unknown punk who decided to prove he was a man by doing this to a 6 week old puppy. That won’t help Pinky.

If there is someone, anyone who can help Pinky please contact Laurens County (SC) Animal Control right away. The county does not have the funds to help Pinky. He needs a good veterinarian. He’s hurting and this needs to be done lightning quick. If not, the humane thing to do is to end his hurting.

Call (864)984-6812 for more information on how you can help. A rescue group that wants to be Pinky’s miracle would be an answer to prayer.

Please SHARE. Please. Pinky needs a miracle fast.