Penny and Bella Need a Home

Penny and Bella

A double nice WLBG Pet of the Week.

Meet Penny and Bella (Penny is the one with the most white on her head). These beautiful girls are about 8 months old and they’re lab/pit mix. Both are pure sweethearts……..they especially love children.

I know…….some will see pit mix and be afraid. Don’t be. Back in the 50’s pits were called ‘nanny dogs’ and were sought after to help raise younguns. Gentle as a lamb with those kids. Fierce as a lion should anything or anyone pose a threat to ‘their’ children. Remember Little Rascals?

Penny and Bella are available for adoption today at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. Call 864-984-6812 for more information.

And please SHARE this photo of the girls. They need a home and they are beautiful.