Jackson Needs a Home

He’s still a puppy really.  Just eight months old but he must be a bad, bad dog because someone did the unthinkable.  They set him out on the side of the road………Easy Road near Laurens to be precise.

Poor little guy.  He’s still very sad about it.  You can see that in his eyes.  And now he’s at Laurens County Animal Control which, by the way, is full beyond capacity.  I don’t really want to explain here what happens when the shelter is filled to capacity there but……….it’s bad.  I don’t want it to happen to Jackson.

So, please take a good look into his eyes and then call (864)984-6812.  Go see Jackson and take him for a walk.  He may be just the perfect new best friend for you and your family.  He sure would be grateful and so would I.

And please SHARE his picture.  We need to find Jackson a family to love before…………….before something bad happens.