Videos of School Fights to have “Consequences”

Recording Video of events in school on your cell phone violates school policy. That message was delivered to the student body at Laurens District 55 High School yesterday by District 55 Superintendent Stephen Peters.  Dr. Peters addressed concerns about student conduct and consequences. He first said that the four events which occurred last week involved a very small group of students. He expressed that he is “proud of the 1,590+ students who chose to do the right thing. Peters also indicated to the students that making bad choices would result in consequences. Included in this category were students who recorded the fights on their cell phones, then uploaded the video to social media and/or the news media.

In making this statement yesterday morning, Dr. Peters was notifying the students of his intention to enforce school board policy regarding the acceptable use of WCDs (Wireless Communication Devices). In board policy JCDAG, Student Possession/Use Of Cellular Phones/Communication Devices/Recording Devices, states that “Students are prohibited from using WCDs or RDs [recording devices] to capture, record or transmit the words (i.e. audio) and/or images (i.e. pictures, video) of any student, staff member or other person in the school or while attending a school-related activity without express prior notice and explicit consent for the capture, recording or transmission of such words or images. Using a Wireless Communication Device or Recording Device to take or transmit audio and/or pictures/video of any individual without his or her consent is considered an invasion of privacy and is not permitted,” according to the cited school policy.

A District Office release yesterday that said all District 55 students sign an ‘acceptable use’ policy each year regarding the use of technology and acknowledging their understanding and intent to comply with this policy. Failure to abide by the policy does subject the student to appropriate school consequences.