Apparent Attempts to Scam Businesses

Some Laurens businesses have been receiving phone calls that appear to be an attempt to scam the business. The Laurens Commission of Public Works has received such reports of this from local businesses, according to CPW General Manager John Young.
“We’ve had several local businesses call that have received phone calls from people representing themselves as utilities. Now no one has represented themselves as the Laurens CPW person, but they’ve represented themselves as “The City Utilities,” and they’ve represented themselves as Duke Energy and Laurens Electric. They’re asking the person to make a payment because they’re about to be disconnected for non-payment.”

John Young said that the Laurens CPW would not make such a call where someone is about to be disconnected.

“Well we have an automated system that calls customers that are past due. We don’t make an outbound call when they’re about to be disconnected; but when they are past due they receive an automated message from us, and it says basically that their account is past due. They have the option of making a payment, but we just give them a telephone number to call to make that payment to. Or they can go to our website and make the payment from our website.”

Anyone who gets a call saying their service is about to be disconnected and asking for an immediate credit card payment should call the utility who serves you, but don’t give out your credit card number or other banking information they could use to steal from you.