Officer, Can I Borrow You Gun to Shoot That Man?

Clinton Public Safety reported to an assault complaint at 2:10 yesterday afternoon where a senior citizen claimed that another man had “poked” him with a stick and was walking around the area in an agitated manner. Upon arrival at the South Woodrow Street location, Public Safety Deputy Director Crystal Roberts met with both men. The complainant said he was cleaning his front yard when the suspect approached him in an aggressive manner and threatened to fight him; and that when he started to back away, the subject stuck him in the stomach with a stick and continued to assault him. The elderly man stated that he did not want to press any charges. Injuries were documented.

When the officer spoke with the subject, who appeared to be intoxicated, he allegedly continued to make threats and even asked if he could use the officer’s gun to shoot the complainant. The Officer arrested the apparently drunken man on a Disorderly Conduct Charge.