Another $100,000 Museum Donation

The Laurens County Museum has now reached about 65% of its $1,000,000 fund-raising goal for the new museum on the Laurens Square. Museum Board Chair Robby Bell yesterday confirmed for WLBG News that another $100,000 check came in this month. That’s the second $100,000 donation the Museum Board has received in the past six months. Bell said it brings the total funds now raised for the new museum construction up to about $650,000. Bell said this latest $100,000 donation will be used to make further advances on getting the main floor ready for occupation.

He said the major expenses still needed to complete the Main Street museum building is about $100,000 for a sprinkler system, then about $150,000 for an elevator. A grant is being sought for that.The museum building covers three floors.

On another matter, Robby Bell said that the Laurens County Museum has obtained artifacts valued at some $1.5 million.

Plans for the much more spacious museum on the square include having a gift shop which would include the series of Laurens County history books now being produced. Other ideas being pursued would be a restaurant and perhaps a coffee shop/book store combination in an adjoining building the Museum has acquired.

The Museum is expected to provide a boost to the economy on the square as well as the county, bringing people in to see one of the largest collections of Native American artifacts, already acquired by the Laurens County Museum. Colleges are also expected to have researchers visit Laurens for a chance to study the artifacts in the Museum’s collection, some dating back hundreds of years.