A Call to Shop Laurens County 1st

Many representatives from the Laurens County Museum were at Laurens City Council last night as the Museum Association made a request for financial assistance. Mayor John Stankus and Councilman Martin Lowry expressed concern about some of the past funding for the Museum. The Mayor said “The idea of your museum is great, but my concern is that I want any future funding by the city for the museum to be exclusively for purchases in the county and with a detailed report on those purchases.” Councilman Lowry said “The museum wants another $10,000 but in the past there were 4 building permits issued for the museum and 3 out of 4 were for dealings with contractors out of the county.”

Ernie Segars, who was at City Council last night on behalf of the Museum, said that the Museum would comply with the mayor’s requests.

As for the $10,000, Mayor John Stankus said the issue would be taken as information only and would be considered in the final budget talks.