Clinton Budget Delayed

It’s back to the drawing board for a new Clinton City Budget. At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall presented the city’s 2017/2018 budget to council for first reading approval.  The presentation of the budget was a little earlier than usual.  Mr. Stovall had explained to council during their March 20th meeting that the draft budget would be ready before the end of March, with first reading in April and second and final reading at the May meeting. This was to allow the city to have the new budget in place prior to the departure of the City Manager.

Stovall explained to council that he could go line by line through the budget if they desired but that much discussion had already occurred about the budget in prior meetings and in the budget workshops held February 6th and 20th. At that point Council Member Ronnie Roth, who was not on council during the budget meetings, questioned how the budget was arrived at.  Mr. Stovall explained the process whereby department heads appeared before council to speak to the needs and projection of expenses in each city department.

Mayor Bob McLean then called for a vote to approve the budget on first reading.  The motion failed by a vote of 5-2. Mayor McLean then stated that he thought council should conduct another budget workshop and asked Mr. Stovall to schedule it.   Stovall suggested that he felt any such workshop should be scheduled for a date after May 5th, which is the effective date of his resignation as City Manager. Council eventually agreed to conduct this additional budget workshop two hours prior to their scheduled meeting on May 8th.